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Our Products & Offerings


We work with top-quality lubricants for every application. Our wholesale lubricant distributors have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you evaluate the best product for your specific equipment needs. Likewise, we have the resources to get our products to you, when you need them. Get started today by ordering the amount you need for delivery or pick up.


As the premier supplier of antifreeze and coolant for sale in Texas, our antifreeze meets or exceeds industry standards. We can provide you with bulk or 55 gallon drum delivery. Our 50/50 blend is ready to use – pump and pour. No mixing or measuring is required. For TX's best rates on antifreeze sales, order now.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

These days diesel engines have to meet stringent emission requirements. Most diesel engine manufacturers have chosen a technology called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to meet these requirements. All vehicles and equipment that utilize SCR technology require DEF fluid.

Shop Supplies

Our shop suppliers are your one-stop-shop for all things fleet. Carrying over 1+ million of the products you use on your trucks and in your shop, our goal is to keep your fleet moving forward steady and simple.

Tex Oil Pipelines

The Difference

Most local oil and lubricant distributors source their product from the same refineries. The Republic Oil difference is in how much we buy & sell - we break down bulk loads into buckets, drums, barrels, pallets, or totes to suit your situation. Whether your needs are for commercial, industrial, automotive, or agricultural applications, our compan based out of Corisicana Tex has you covered.

Our Process

Get started online by filling out the Order Form below. You can also place an order by calling our suppliers directly at (214) 557-2755.


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Order Form
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