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REPUBLIC OIL Wholesale Lubricants & Bulk Oil Dealers

for Fleet Vehicles, Large Equipment, & Other High-Quantity Needs

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Largest Stocking Lubricant Dealer

Republic Oil sells and distributes a comprehensive range of quality private label and brand name lubricants, antifreeze, grease, supplies and equipment essentials to all market sectors in Texas and beyond. Find a wide range of high-quality mineral, synthetic, food and biodegradable lubricants, all of which meet the latest industry standards laid down by manufacturers, alongside a competitively priced, personalized customer service and efficient delivery. Republic Oil is all about putting your needs first. We believe in giving customers options. 

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in Navarro Texas and Surrounding Counties

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Why Choose Republic Oil?

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What We Do

We sell motor oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluids, gear oil, auto oil, grease, DEF, shop supplies, packaged goods, and more wholesale options. From 55 gallon drums of antifreeze and pallets of automotive oil to DEF barrels and 120lb kegs of grease, our bulk sales offer both great variety and value. As Tex's go-to oil provider, we supply both private label and brand name offerings.


Just need a product that meets specifications and doesn't need a brand name? Not a problem. Our team of expert suppliers and distributors can help. With no contractual obligations to any brand, we are free to do what's best for our customers.  

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In-Depth Industry Expertise

Our technicians and experts' experience give you the benefit of know-how to improve your market competitiveness, from enhancing your formulas with new ingredients to drawing on our full product range to blend new, innovative world-class products.


Our team also understands the importance of meeting the industry’s increasingly complex and demanding technical and safety requirements. As such, our experts are on hand to assist you in the implementation of any relevant legislation.

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Republic Oil believes that customer care is our highest mission. With broad ties to the lubricant industry in Texas and beyond, we are aggressively on top of the wholesale lubricant market to deliver high-quality products at the best possible prices. 

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